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fiscal year. wednesday morning, acting defense second christine fox expanded on that budget, including planned cuts and the size of the area. this event from the american enterprise institute is 50 minutes. minutes. >> so, i want to thank all of you at american enterprise institute for the great work that you do when the opportunity to be with you today. as mckenzie said, secretary haeckel recently announced a number of recommendations and proposals that will be contained in the defense department fiscal year 2015 badges admission. it goes about pain that make in spending choices as having more losers than winners due to the fact that budgets are tight and could get even tighter is no way to win a popularity contest. in many respects, there is something in the package to set up just about everybody's alarm bells and on which meter. from my perspective and as i hope my remarks will make clear, the two categories of stakeholders most protected from these changes are people we should all feel the most accountable to. the average american fighting man woman in the average american taxpayer
defense minister will run in the upcoming presidential elections. joining me now is david kirkpatrick, the cairo bureau chief of the new york times. he wrote in investigative report on the benghazi attacks. i am pleased to have david kirkpatrick back at this table. welcome. >> it is good to be here. >> wherever it is now, you are watching it on old. there is change in the region. >> i am probably the luckiest journalist in america. i was in the right place at the right time. i was in tunisia on the eve of their revolution. then i was in the via four months. it has been breathtaking. >> where's egypt today? >> it is very hard to know. mentioned, the field marshal is likely to become the next president. he hosted the first democratically elected president. he was embraced as a hero by a lot of the public. they are growing impatient with si government. he was promising stability. right now, i think that promise looks very remote. of the factors that contributed to the original uprising are economic stagnation, a lack of opportunity, an overwhelming youthful population. something like 70%
unity force control on the ground. the ukrainian defense chief, according to afp, has said that russia has sent at least 6000 troops to crimea. that is the headline coming out of the af he this morning. about 41 minutes ago. there is a picture of some of the unidentified armed men in front of the crimean parliament. let's go to mark, waiting in massachusetts on our line for independence. -- line for independents. caller: i think russia definitely has a right to protect their interests. they have bases down there. i know the ukrainian government is set up. is there any real military force ? if some he wants to come in and -- do harmia people in the upheaval. it, maybes down to crimea will secede and become their own country. russia today reporting in an interview with the russian dispense -- defense minister that russia has 150,000 troops and 90 aircraft, 800 80 tanks and 1200 pieces of military hardware involved in drills on the ukrainian border right now. that doesn't concern you? host: i didn't know that they had that much stockpile. the do have their whole fleet. strength already hu
views as a criminal defense lawyer. a comprehensive revision of the federal criminal code should focus on five main points. reducing the number of federal crimes, ensuring that the revised code strikes a proper balance between federal and state law enforcement, clearly defining the appropriate levels of mens rea, establishing uniform rules of construction, and revising the overly harsh punishment system. i'll take those in turn. fir, reducing the number of federal offenses. the list of federal crimes has grown from handful in the crimes act of 1790, to thousands today. this has occurred in part because the country has become more complex and also occurs because everytime there's a national crisis the reaction is to enact new federal crimes. the result is a morass of overlapping statutes. the more than two dozen different -- chapter 47. seven different fraud statutes in chapter 63 and i count 19 different obstruction offenses in chapter 73 of title 18. this proliferation of federal offenses has too main practical consequences from my perspective. first of all the sheer number of crimes
minister on tuesday. it's widely believed the current defense minister will run in the upcoming presidential elections. joining me now is david kirkpatrick. he is the cairo bureau chief of the "new york times." he wrote an in-depth investigative report on the ben gauzy attacks when christopher stevens was killed in september 2012. i'm pleased to have david kirkpatrick back at this table. welcome. >> it's good to be here. >> rose: you have been there and watched the arab spring wherever it is now unfold changing a region. >> yes i i was in egypt in time for the revolution there, i was there when khadafy fell. it's been breathtaking. >> rose: where is egypt today. >> it's very hard to know. as you mentioned, field marshall has likely to become the next president. he's the general who ousted egypt's first democratically elected president mohamed morsi of the muslim brother brotherh. he was embraced as a hero and he was promising stability when he ousted president morsi. right now, i think that promise looks very remote. most of the factors that contributed to the original upris
by violent means by the yanukovych government. the violence was a form of self-defense against the attempts of riot police to try to disperse protesters through force from the streets. now the yanukovych government has been toppled, i don't think that violence is a serious issue that threatens ethnic russians in crimea. this is completely a bogus imagined threat that russians are on purpose creating in order to find a pretext to intervene in ukrainian territory to organize and cover up this aggression in crimea and further in the east. >> i'm going to get some community in. steven just tweeted in . . . and i want to go to you with, this speaking about the ukrainians now, do you think ukrainians have lost out on this narrative? can they control their destiny, or are they just being used as a upon now by self interested parties. >> first of all everybody must know there is no united ukraine. ukraine is two different nations, two different countries, and because of [ inaudible ] policy of [ inaudible ] this country survived until recently, but i always warned and i have many, many publications
wisdom in the defense bar is, don't even think about resisting a government overtour for a plea in a corporate context, and now the government is just going with what are called dps, not even resolving cases criminally because that's too difficult, so the department of justice reaches a civil resolution. >> thank you. justice for the committee, i just think that something that we should think, especially on our side of the aisle -- as conservatives we should be very concerned about the state having so much power that criminal defense phones are afraid to go to trial because they know that actually they take more risk going to trial than defending liberty and property and the things that the government should not easily take away from defendants. thank you very much. i yield back my time. >> i'm told we'll be voting between 10:20 and 10:30. excuse me. gentleman from georgia, mr. johnson. >> thank you. it's not so much the sheer volume of criminal laws on the books and how they are apportioned among the various titles of the u.s. code. it's really a matter of what is the impact ov
, would you expect russia to come to their defense? >> the russians are coming off a pretty successful olympics. i do not think they want to provoke the type of international incident. but it is very fluid. there would be pressure for russians to come to the defense over the russian speaking population. the black sea fleet is going to be a big issue. >> scarlet, you have some important breaking news. >> we just got results from sears. $3.30 per share. revenues are in line with estimates. sales are down 6.4%. other company news. set to report. the annual report could be released this saturday. lego topping its rivals in asia. rose by theo single digits in the u.s. and europe and double digits elsewhere. don't take jamie dimon lightly. a j.p. morgan spokesman says he was saying that market volume is unpredictable at times like the weather. that is today's company news. we are focused on what happened overnight in crimea. >> we certainly are. >> that leads us to our twitter question. as vladimir putin part of the solution, part of the problem, how does he fit into the puzzle? tweet us. th
, that the troops occupying much of the region are not russian, but local. >> ( translated ): regarding the self-defense forces created by the people of crimea, we do not have any power over them, they do not listen to our orders. >> ifill: lavrov also declined to meet with ukraine's acting foreign minister. he said there would be further discussions in days to come. meanwhile, in crimea itself, u.n. special envoy robert serry was forced to abandon his mission there after his car was surrounded and he was threatened by a pro-russian crowd. new trouble cropped up elsewhere as well. pro-russian activists stormed and re-took a government building in the eastern city of donetsk, only hours after being ejected. there's been no talk of any american military action in ukraine, but defense secretary chuck hagel told a senate hearing that the pentagon is taking other steps. >> i earlier this week directed the d.o.d. to suspend all military to military engagements and exercises with russia. also this morning the dod is pursuing measures to support our allies, including stepping up joint training through our aviat
, big cuts for a leaner military. so right now defense secretary chuck hagel is testifying before the senate armed services committee, defending cuts to the army and the marines. hagel also told lawmakers, martin dempsey spoke with his russian counterpart today. he urged russia to show continued restraint in the days ahead to show a diplomatic solution. >>> secretary jack lew answers questions on the president's 2015 spending plan. >>> same-sex marriage supporters are riding a wave of momentum. according to a new "washington post"/abc news poll, 50% believe the constitution's guarantee of equal protection gives gays the right to marry. this coincides with attorney general saying gay couples can apply for marriage licenses, even though same-sex marriage doesn't become legal in that state until june. in kentucky, democrats split on the issue. steven bashir said he is hiring outside attorneys to defend the state's same-sex marriage ban. >>> coming up, president obama calling on governors to call for backup when it comes to raising the minimum wage. we'll be talking to connecticut's g
the defense will do at that very point is then get out the tapes, 100 other tapes from 911 tapes over the period of the last few years, and you'll see that this is not all that unusual. >> sure. but let's go to this call that grabbed me or a juror, i would think. here is a call from a frustrated woman who had already called 911 once, and was still waiting for the ambulance to arrive. let's listen to this call. >> 911. where is your emergency? >> i called. >> i know. is it for 1345 south -- >> yes, yes. >> they're on your way. you only called a couple of minutes ago. they're on their way, okay. >> you know, it's an emergency, and they are still not here. >> okay. they're on their way. >> okay, bye. >> all right, bye. >> well, there is a person rather pathetically trying to get the ambulance to show up that normally would have gotten there, presumably. and there you have this traffic gridlock. it doesn't get through. >> and it was causing problems for the dispatchers too. not only were they having to deal with the normal calls coming in, and there are a lot of them, but now there are al
reserves to himself the right to intervene militarily at any time anyplace in ukraine, not just in defense of rugs, but also in defense of ukraineens. that's essentially a cart blanche to invade any country. >> saying he reserves the right to protect his people as if ukraine is still part of the old soviet union. >> putin has never like so many other russian elites accepted the legitimacy of an independent ukraine and he as far as he's concerned doesn't even consider ukrainians to be a separate people. essentially, he's marching in to defend his own. he also said and this is absolutely shocking, that he is "not worried by war." no leader other than adolf hitler and perhaps the ruler of north korea would say that kind of thing in today's world. >> should we be worried about vladimir putin's mental capacities or are we seeing a situation where some suggest we are looking at a russian leader who is isolated and insulated and only speaks to people who tell him what he wants to hear? >> i think it's both. clearly he is insulated, isolated, although at the same time, do keep in mind the russian
launched the virginia self-defense law firm, focused on defending self to map -- defending self-defense rights. randy is: from tennessee. go ahead. i am calling from kentucky, sir. host: ok. where are you? caller: eastern kentucky. host: go ahead. what do you think about the let's move campaign? caller: ok. i think a lot of the obesity comes from what is put in our food. processed to grow, the meets, the steroids, what people put in their gardening stuff to get it to grow has to affect human body, as well as the defects the animals. -- affects the animals. host: do you avoid processed foods? caller: there is nothing out there to avoid. host: thank you sir. start them young with a healthy diet. today is friday. every week and beginning at 8:00 a.m. on c-span two, book tv and american history tv, respectively. 48 hours of books and 40th hours of history on 2 and 3. this week, we are featuring a visit to salem, oregon. you can watch that this weekend on book tv and on american history tv. next up is sharon in illinois. caller: hello. i am all for the program. let's move. i have something t
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fought together. >> it became clear that neither side was willing to fight. when self-defense units arrived the ukrainians fell in and march off. their point made. the overnight deadlines passed with no sign of the military storm that had been threatened. moscow denied there was ever a deadline. in the port city, this soldier said none of his team would vow allegiance to new government. >> defiance even though the base is surrounded by troops. is just 4 1/2 kilometers away across the stretch of water. another stand off of sorts, flanked by russian watching their every movement. >> they were quiet, some voluntary security staff guard the parliament, but there's no sign of the men who have been here the day before. >> one country appears to hold the key to any solution, germany. yeah, as you know, germany is an economic power house. and officials are now convinced that german chancellor is best positioned to convince the president to back down. it was german chancellor who offered inside the sweep to president obama on the thinking of russian sha's president reportedly saying that vla
the defense ministers, saying president clinton ordered the test at 2:00 p.m. moscow time today. the report did not mention ukraine, one of russia's western neighbors, where months of protest have forced a pro-russia president to go into hiding. the president was not able to confirm the order and the defense ministry not available for comment. louisiana government bobby jindal is defending his harsh criticism of president obama saying, in america, we do not have a king. the republican was criticized by a democratic governor, molloy, on monday. after they emerged from others from a meeting with the president said the president seems to be waving the white flag of surrender on the economy. governor jindal in remarks earlier today says the white house in his words belongs to the people. he had a duty to speak his mind. is not at thea white house today. he is on the road traveling. minnesota focusing on the roads and railways. this fund is forecast to go broke as early as august enemies $100 billion over the next six years just to maintain current spending levels. c-span is covering the event y
-- madam speaker, as i listen to the secretary of defense, chuck hagel, yesterday talk about the financial pressure on our military and the budget that he will be supporting that mr. obama has proposed, i wonder why we in congress are not allowed to debate on the floor of this house whether we as the house, not talking about the senate now, whether we believe that we should have a 10-year agreement with afghanistan. again, we are talking about spending anywhere from $3 billion to $4 billion a month. it is borrowed money from the chinese and japanese, and we continue to raise the debt ceiling because we can't -- cannot pay our own bills. it is time for the congress to speak out on behalf of the american people and say enough is enough. to be clear, this agreement that president karzai has adamantly refused to sign, as "the washington post" reported earlier this week, during a december visit to kabul, hagel suggested that the late february nato meaning, this week, was a cutoff point for president karzai to sign the bilateral strategic agreement that sets the terms for a post-2014 u.s. presen
these self-defense forces. who are they kidding? russian soldiers with no unit identification does not qualify them as self-defense forces. if the world stands by and let's this happen it will be like chamberlain in the sudan land, russia continues to gobble up sovereign state. i want to applaud the ukrainian commander who was the only calm when he e peninsula, marched his soldiers to the airbase to continue the job that they do in securing and fixing the facilities. it was a tough standoff, but the colonel was astonished by the change of events in that the -- in that he's had such a great working relationship with the russian military over the years, and obviously this relationship no longer resides in the relationship between ukraine and russia. on september 4-5 of this year the next nato summit will be held in south wales. i call on what they should have done in the last summit. nato must offer membership action plan to those aspirational countries those that are moving toward democracy, freedom and rule of law. they need to grant membership action plans to ukraine, georgia and
in the back of people's minds to my that you could get some kind of russian reaction. >> u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel is concerned as well. he spoke yesterday to a group of ministers in belgium. >> we expect other nations to expect ukraine's sovereignty and avoid provocative actions. that is why i am closely watching russia's military exercises along the ukrainian border, which they announced as you know, yesterday. i expect russia to be transparent about these activities and i urge them not to take any steps that could be misinterpreted or lead to miscalculation during a belly -- a very delicate time. >> would this fall into the category of steps that could be misinterpreted? this is a russian warship docked in habana, cuba yesterday -- havana, cuba yesterday. it went into service in the black sea back in 1988 before it was transferred seven years later to the northern fleet. this is according to russian media sources. neither cuban authorities, nor state media have mentioned the ships visit, unlike on previous tours by russian ships. does it, cold war? secretary john kerry sai
at the department of defense -- >> dud, was there a -- did, was there a background check conducted on mr. marone before the appointment you made to his being chief of staff? >> you mean chief of staff for dhs. >> yes. >> yes, to the best of my understanding, there was. i also know him for five years and know his qualities, and i'm glad i hired him. >> did you -- so there was a background check. did you review that background check? >> not myself, no. >> who did read it? >> the appropriate officials, i'm quite sure. my understanding is that the background check was quite thorough which included matters of of public record from fumo trial which is what your letter refers to. >> did the white house review it? >> as far as i know, they did. >> were there any -- >> as is the standard practice. >> did it reveal any concerns? >> mr. marone's was viewed extensively including the matters of public record. i have every reason to believe that it was thorough, and we hired him, and i'm glad we did. he's doing an excellent job for the department. >> who conducted the background check? >> i could not tell you
on how much pressure should be put on russia. >> you could say it is time to put that missile defense shield back in the czech republic. >> too late. >> initial negotiations to make ukraine part of nato as well as other surrounding nations that want to be part of nato and russia saying you're getting too close to our borders, let's be honest. and the president of the united states would have to admit that. even secretary of state john kerry acquiesced to this notion. the mind set of set and reset a relationship has failed. the mind-set of putin, somebody hei] thought he for every day they stay in the crimea, add to their suspension. do something. >> and flood ukraine with economic aid and start pulling them away from russian natural gas and let you start selling our natural gatt at a price in which they can deal with that helps that economy stand on its own. >> one of the problems is if europe were to try to extract some pain from mr. putin, all those pipelines run across the ukraine -- i think there are about 10 or 11 of them, all putin would have to do is turn off the seven that go
that woman's life was -- >> reporter: the runner's defense team said pistorius thought he was protecting his lover from an intruder when he fired the fatal shot. but prosecutors claim the olympian knew steenkamp was hiding behind the bathroom door. this video from a store security camera shows the couple being very playful just ten days before the killing. the victim's mother who had never met pistorius wiped away tears in court. she reportedly wanted pistorius to see the pain and anguish he caused but is ready to forgive him. a judge will decide his fate. he faces a life sentence if found guilty. alphonso van marsh, cbs news. >>> coming up on the "morning news," cell phone security. new effort to cut down cell phone theft through so-called kill switches. this is the "cbs morning news." phone theft through so-called kill switches. this is the "cbs morning news." stir what's inside of you. ♪ [ engine revving ] [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] that was bold. real bold. ♪ it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. eggland's best. bet
from homes. homeowners also worked to build their own last line of defense. >> this homeowner put up some plastic on his hillside hoping to prevent some slides. >> we are as prepared as we can be. i hope it's good enough. >> reporter: even before the rain started falling, many people packed up and heeded warnings. still, some are staying put, at least for now. >> it looks like the rain's really building up and there's water flowing. we'll probably decide to go but for right now, we're staying and assessing how the storm's going to do. >> reporter: you know when we have wildfires here there are people who will stay behind and try to protect their homes, but the police say when it comes to floods and mud slides there's really nothing you can do to stop it. they say you might as well be safe and get out. anthony and norah? >> ben tracy, thanks. >>> it's too cold to be raining in chicago this morning. the windchill there is below zero. this arctic blast stretches from the northern rockies to the east coast. elaine quijano is in detroit, one of the cities hardest
cann, ellsbury and beltran, that's a tremendous load of offense. there's questions about the infield defense but it's going to come down to tanaka being able to adjust to the united states. how sabathia gets stronger having lost 40 or 50 pounds and whether he can get back to what he was two or three years ago and i think roberts is going to be terrific closing. it allful it's awfully hard following that act named rivera. >> and where does tanaka fit following with hideo nomo and some that have not worked out for teams. >> he's probably a notch below yu darvish. he hasn't spiched very well on less than six days' rest. when he starts to throw 93, 94 miles an hour his control has been a problem. how he adjusts to the strike zone of the united states and the hitters in the american league east is something no one in the yankees really knows. he'll be good and he'll give them innings. how great remains to be seen. >> there's been one significant rule change over the winter and that's to try to prevent collisions at the plate, bust are posey-type injuries, things like that. as the rule plays out t
-exempt status for nonprofit organizations. deputy defense secretary christine fox discusses the pentagon budget for 2015. house ways and means chairman dave camp introduces his tax reform proposal. >> on the next "washington l," a gop alternative to the affordable care act. the chairman of the democratic caucus discusses the house democratic agenda. later, nbc news correspondent harry smith talks about his documentary looking at the marijuana industry in colorado. is --ngton journal" live is live every morning at 7:00 eastern on c-span. federal reserve chairman janet yellen testifies before the senate banking committee thursday. her first time since being confirmed to lead the nation's central bank. you can see it live at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 3. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. >> is this a technique you hope will improve jobs -- [indiscernible] >> i don't think that is any of your business. [laughter] >> i think the glamour of reagan had less to do with his hollywood roots per se. the glamour of hollywood exactly, but it did have something to do with the skill and
investigation. >>> new overnight this according to the south korea defense ministry. the short range missiles are believed to be scud missiles. the missiles flew about 300 miles which means they are capable of hitting south korea or japan. this is the second launch in more than a week. >> learner testified this week. chairman ice saw says yes. >> her attorney indicates she will testify. it has been a back and fourth they go ya negotiation. the evident gath -- >> not so fast after her appearance on sunday the former irs official has not waived her right to testify. the house committee spokesperson responded with this ", bill taylor ms. learner's attorney says she is willing to testify and is requesting a one-week delay for the public hearing. we have informed ms. learner she may make the request for a delay when she comes to the hearing. the hearing is scheduled for wednesday. >> looking to sell off as this crisis in ukraine is escalating. loren simonetti joins us with more. >> the olympics are over but the russian war games are still on. the president declaring a right. the dow off nearly 100
that no one knew him previously. his identity is an important issue for the defense. >> what the defense has found in this case is that there is another individual who is currently held in began taguanty by the united states with a name similar in parts if not identical to my client's. >> abu ghaith is the highest ranking al qaeda figure to face trial on u.s. soil since the 9/11 attacks. >>> prosecutors call themselves satisfied with the start of the murder trial of oscar pistorius. pistorius pleaded not guilty to murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenka steenkamp, and to other gun-related charges. on the stand yesterday, a prosecution witness recalled hearing what she called the blood-curdling screams of a woman before four gunshots on the morning steenkamp was killed. pistorius's attorney contends the screaming may have been pistorius screaming for help after he realized he shot scene camp. >>> a minnesota couple died from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning inside their home. the two daughters were found alive in their house. they're being treated at the hospital. the wife mentioned on face
previously of the war saw pact and reaffirm the collective defense of nato, ie., putin needs to know those countries are off limits. those are the three elements of the obama strategy that's developing. >> how about your assessment, the grander question of putin? certainly he has nostalgia for the old order, greater russia but he's no hitler. where would you place him in terms of his aggressiveness? his willingness to go in bringing back the captive nations, wouldn't go that far, would he? is this the limit of where he's going to go with crimea? >> putin is two things, a russian nationalist, for the last 14, 15 years, his primary strategic goal is to restore pride too russia and restore strength to russia and have other countries respect russia's role in the world and expand russian influence in their near abroad. he's been intimidating armenia and ukraine and saying, don't join the western group, stay under our orbit. but at the same time, chris, he's a realist. he respects power. that's why it's so important for the united states and for president obama to be a strong leader here. becaus
with controversy coming just after michael sam, star defensive lineman from the university of missouri came out putting him in line to come the first openly gay player the league has ever had. they're still dealing with the ordeal of the dolphins. the allegations that jonathan martin and other ares were were bullied. the nfl was planning to hold next year's super bowl in arizona but will the league pull outside if brewer actually signed the bill. facing that kind of advice and that kind of scrutiny and many of national prominent republicans weighing in against the bill, the governor decided that the cost to her state would be too high. >> senate bill 1062 does not address a specific or present concern related to religious liberty in arizona. i'm not heard of one exam million in arizona with a business owner's religious liberty has been violated. it could result in unintended and negative consequences. after weighing all of the arguments i have vetoed senate bill 1062 moments ago. >> nationally the response to the veto has been huge but where exactly does that leave the state of arizona when it
in support of the alert act and in defense of working middle-class families who face the danger that overzealous washington regulators will destroy their jobs and impose new red tape that cuts their wages. an america that works allows small businesses to flourish. jobs can be created. and for folks to have more take-home pay in their pockets. but america doesn't work when washington regulators impose more red tape on businesses, large and small, regardless of the costs. this bill fixes that. i hear a lot on this floor about the warnings of days gone by and the fear mongering attached to trying to instill accountability on this bureaucracy in washington. i don't think any of us on either side of the aisle wants to defend overzealous democrats and imposing unnecessary burdens that have clogged this economy. now, america doesn't work when special interest groups use the courts to impose backroom regulations that destroy jobs and reduce take-home pay. this bill before us fixes that. make no mistake, excessive red tape hurts working middle-class families. for example, it was reported
eceddo today by secretary of defense chuck hagel. >> i'm closely watching the exercises along the ukrainian border. i expect russia to be transparent about the activities and i urge them not to take any steps that could be misinterpreted or lead to miscalculation, during a very delicate time. >> the crisis now centers on the region of crimea, in southern ukraine, where pro-russian gunmen have seized control of parliament, barricading themselves inside, even raising russian flags. cold war fears with stoke yesterday when russia announced it's sending 150,000 troops to the border to engage in six games of war games, in what russian media described as the biggest exercise since the soviet era. there's now word unconfirmed that the president and we've heard these comments from secretary hagel, jim. what seems to be the tone where you are. >> tamron, first of all, turning quickly to kiev, what a first day on the job to arseni -- he's the former economy and foreign minister, very well known to both the u.s. and russia. he was officially voted today as the interim prime minister, and
is secretary of national security defense counsel in ukraine. i asked if he is worried about the russian military conducting exercises nearby. >> yes, i am. i am worried about it for sure. also the capture of the government in crimea by units in my opinion that were sent from russia, from moscow. from russia, we see a very aggressive method of tearing out policy toward ukraine and we -- attempts to the five -- divide ukraine or take the historical crimea. em, on the among will focus of crimea but the former president is in moscow. a press conference at 8:00 a.m. new york time. what will key have a for from their former president? the big concern here today seems to be about missing money. the new prime minister here says the regime of yanukovych, the man who found safe haven in as much as have put $70 billion offshore and that is morethey want to know about. >> especially given the fact the ukraine need to $35 billion in the u.s. has pledged a mere billion dollars. as i look behind you and kiev seems to be returning to calm, what is your expectation regarding the imf who will be in kiev
gridlock. but now, to be fair and in perspective, you know, what the defense will do at that very point is then get out the tapes, 100 other tapes from 911 tapes over the period of the last few years, and you'll see that this is not all that unusual. >> sure. but let's go to this call that grabbed me or a juror, i would think. here is a call from a frustrated woman who had already called 911 once, and was still waiting for the ambulance to arrive. let's listen to this call. >> 911. where is your emergency? >> i called. >> i know. is it for 1345 south -- >> yes, yes. >> they're on your way. you only called a couple of minutes ago. they're on their way, okay. >> you know, it's an emergency, and they are still not here. >> okay. they're on their way. >> okay, bye. >> all right, bye. >> well, there is a person rather pathetically trying to get the ambulance to show up that normally would have gotten there, presumably. and there you have this traffic gridlock. it doesn't get through. >> and it was causing problems for the dispatchers too. not only were they having to deal with the normal cal
that same day through the trial, which only lasted about two hours, there was no defense presented, and then just a couple months after that, no appeal ever filed, and then he went to the electric chair, the youngest american put to death in the 20th century. >> and the details of even the execution, as i've read, he was so small that he had to sit on bibles so that he could reach the -- be executed in the chair because of his slight size here, but the people who have been pushing for this and behind the effort to clear his name, what are they saying ultimately that they would like here from the judge? is it to say he was innocent, is it to say that due process, what is the ultimate goal here? >> well, the attorneys for the family, the surviving relatives, have put a couple different options before the judge here. one is a motion to grant a retrial based on the testimony that was heard in a hearing here in the courthouse last month from his surviving brother and his two sisters, which was basically an alibi statement saying he was with them, with the family, overnight when these yo
. >> defense secretary chuck hagel is trying to sell his vision for leaner, meaner military. we look at five powerful weapons on the chopping block. ♪ right, if you want more rankings, go to >> we would be right back. ♪ right, it is almost time to get your bracket ready. march madness is just around the corner, with college basketball it is big, big business jury of the sport has brought in about $16 billion for the ncaa since 2000. the players, they are not seeing any of that money. maybe they should? joining us now is paul, who authored the cover story of businessweek this week, focusing on what athletes are getting paid for or the money that they are not getting paid. on the phone we have greg, the host of pardon in the mode -- in the morning. great to have you both here. incredible when you think of all the money that these young athletes are generating for these schools and the schools are saying that you get a scholarship and, basically, that's it. wrong with this system? >> one thing that is wrong with the system, as we described in our cover story, is that som
to legally stay in afghanistan. defense secretary, chuck hagel, arrived in brussels for a defense minister's meeting. this is expected to be topic number one. the pakistanis are already pointing out that this could be a regional security crisis. their feeling is that there could be civil war in afghanistan. 30% of afghan troops could defect if the u.s. goes. this will be a crisis because it will give the u.s. very limited ability to keep an eye on al qaeda and the taliban and the concern for u.s. security for all of us. this could become a safe haven again for those militant groups. the u.s. won't be able to keep an eye on the other side of the border in pakistan. which al qaeda still basically calls its home. a lot at stake. karzai will be leading off later this year. there are new elections. the hope is a new afghan president may see it differently. the pentagon making clear the clock is ticking. they cannot wait around forever. some decisions will have to be made. carol? >> cnn's barbara starr. a new warning for people in north carolina. do note touch the river water and do not eat fish
in the hands as if to block out what he was hearing when his defense counsel challenged a neighbor's testimony that she heard a woman scream after the final shot. >> there was serious, serious brain damage. and our evidence will be that the person with that brain damage will have no response, no cognitive function, no thought process. she could not have screamed. >> reporter: the witness, who was not on camera, also lost her composure when describing her state of mind when she made her original statement. >> it was quite raw still. >> it was quite? >> raw emotion. >> raw emotion? >> when i'm in the shower, i relive her shouts. >> reporter: michelle burger who described the screams as blood-curdling lives approximately two football fields away from the murder scene. we learned that the defense team had carried out a test to recreate the screams at the same hour of the murder in pistorius' home to see if the sound would carry. a second witness also describes being woken in the early hours of valentine's day 2013 by a commotion. >> it seems like somebody was involved in a fight. >> reporter: if f
all comes down to which party controls the senate. democrats are playing defense. polls show the party is vulnerable in as many as a dozen seats in the senate. republicans only want to win six of them for control. and the gop playbook, it's the same all over the country. maybe the election about president obama and his health care law. >> if i had my way about it, we'd repeal obama care and start all over and get it right. >> many democrats particularly in the decisive red state senate races are running scared. in kentucky, allison avoids health care and says she doesn't need president obama. instead, she and other endangered democrats are enlisting the help of another democratic president. >> look, i love kentucky. you've been good to me. you've voted for me twice. >> reporter: two potential rising stars to keep an eye on. >> i can't tell you how honored i am. >> reporter: democrats hope wendy davis' meteoric rise translates into an update in the governor's race. and texas republicans are poised to elect their third george bush to office in the last 50 years. this one is jeb bush's so
purposes or for defensive purposes. usually when you undergo those efforts to develop that kind of capability, it's because you want to have the opportunity to one day put a nuclear warhead on one of those rockets. so that's the story of iran. massive expansion in their enrichment and reprocessing
latinos attending this convention, will stand with israel in its defense of its sovereignty and its freedom. [applause] while in israel, i went to -- i met with families, women, children, husbands and grandparents that all live under the constant threat of rocket attack. i grew up in a neighborhood where gunshots is what you heard. and it made me, besides making a very strong and very savvy, i could never fathom the thought of my son being, having to experience and witness rockets flying over his head. i can only say that for my son to be an american, is to let them have the luxury of living in the united states that i can explain to him that even though we have this luxury to be here and live as americans, that we also have an obligation to have that commitment, that sense of commitment to israel as well. and that's something that intent on passing down to my son. [applause] shortly after coming back home, i came back with a new sense of responsibility and commitment to clarifying the misinformation about israel. it starts at home. this is clarifying and misinformation starts at ho
would like to enter into the record our defense of our claims that 95% -- the chair: is the gentlelady requesting unanimous consent. ms. moore: yes, sir. the chair: without objection. ms. moore: appreciate that indulgence, mr. chairman i would like a roll call. the chair: the request is covered by general leave. the question is on the amendment offered by the gentlelady from wisconsin. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair the noes have it. the amendment is not agreed to. ms. moore: mr. chairman, i request a roll call. the chair: a recorded vote has been requested. pursuant to clause 6 of rule 18, further proceed ogs then amendment offered by the gentlelady from wisconsin will e postponed. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? mr. hensarling: i move that the committee now rise. the chair: the question is on the motion that the committee rise. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly the committee rises. the speaker pro tempore: mr. chairman. the chair: mr. speaker, the com
the police are just wrong. >> reporter: no forensics, no witnesses, not even a body. the defense might have stopped right there. instead, they decided to gamble. mike was a nice guy. the jury should see that. and if the details had been a little different each time he was asked to tell the story, here was his chance to straighten it all out for the jury. how odd then that mike, under oath now, amended his story just a little again. like when he added the detail that carol was in the bathtub when she said something mean to him. >> she said, you make my skin crawl. >> reporter: also slightly different, the way he discovered she was gone. >> i opened the front door and went out and the garage door was up and the car was gone. >> reporter: in earlier versions, 't heard the garage door go up and then saw taillights as carol drove away? why had his story changed again? >> what's the deal with that? did you hear the garage door? >> i don't think so. >> why do you think that now? what has jogged your memory? >> because i think over the years, i thought about this night so many times, and i just --
, on trial for the shooting of his girlfriend. defense attorneys cross examined a witness who described hearing a woman scream and then heard gunshots. he said he shot his girlfriend by mistake, thinking that she was a burglar. we want to turn back to our coverage of the ukraine, the white house keeping close tabs on russia, trying to see what it will do with troops in ukraine. there's word sanctions could come soon for russia along with economic aid for ukraine. lisa stark is in washington, what are we hearing from the white house? >> the white house just announced it is working with congress to provide $1 billion, a billion dollars in loan guarantees to ukraine to help cover energy costs. it's part of a package of financial assistance that the u.s. and the international community are working to try to provide to that country to restore economic stability there. john kerry, the secretary of state has arrived in kiev, the capitol of ukraine for his series of meetings. >> president obama called his national security council together to discuss how to deal with the events unfolding in ukr
up, a dramatic day in court as kerry kennedy takes the stand in her own defense and invokes the memory of her father at her drugged driving trial. will it help her avoid a conviction? >>> religion on the big screen. why hollywood is suddenly banking on the bible. but first, this is "today" on nbc. banking on the bible. but first, this is "tod >>> coming up on "trending," three parent babies, the controversial fertilization procedure. >>> we'll get the photo shop treatment on "love your selfie." eat right. not less. [ woman ] hi, this looks interesting! what's going on here? would you like to try some hot cereal? [ female announcer ] special k nourish hot cereal. special k? wow! wow! [ female announcer ] made with superfoods... superfoods sound good to me. there's quinoa, barley. i can definitely taste the quinoa. good! i can't believe that's less than 200 calories. [ female announcer ] help you truly shine. this is a way to be good to me. [ female announcer ] nurturing yourself. what will you gain when you lose? [ female announcer ] nurturing yourself. in this season's
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